The NEW FORCE in Power Savings

PowerwoRx CPS – Optimised Savings Potential

Iconic Energy the New Force in Energy Savings with our unique modular PowerwoRx CPS Clean Power System.  The greatest power quality benefits are when you install the PowerwoRx close to where the issues originate.

Our systems are designed for both Commercial & Industrial applications are MAINTENANCE FREE  come with an industry Leading Ten-Year Warranty.

Discover the Secrets that Utility Companies and Big Industry have known about for years. Network  costs are on the rise, and the use of electronics in our businesses is growing exponentially. On top of that, every day electrical assets and electronic devices in our facilities are under attack from surges, spikes and electrical noise.PowerwoRxCommercialUnit-1

Here you will learn how to save more money on your electricity and protect all of your electrical equipment within the business with PowerwoRx CPS – Clean Power System.

The PowerwoRx CPS is a unique modular system installed throughout a facility. The technology – based on the unique & proven solutions in the commercial PowerwoRx line for over 23 years – provides complete surge & spike protection, electrical noise filtration as well as the highest possible energy savings in the industry. Time to optimise your solar investment, yes please!

The PowerwoRx CPS provides:

  • Equipment Protection
  • Electrical Noise Filtration
  • Energy Savings

Don’t subject your office equipment to the onslaught of surges, spikes, and electronic noise any longer. Improve the efficiency that your equipment draws from the network (grid) and start saving from the time the units are switched ON.

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