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Top 3 Secrets about Electricity-part 2

Top 3 Secrets about electricity and what to do about it…

Now you are on your way to learning the secrets that utility companies and big industry have known for years. You will be able to adopt the same principles to become more sustainable for the future and protecting the environment at the same time, so cool.

Electrical Noise Filtration

PowerwoRx e3 technology provides Harmonic Filtration / Noise reduction which has become more important since the 1980′s and almost mandatory in the 21st century due to the proliferation of computers, fax and copy machines and variable speed motors which are known as “non-linear loads”. Non-linear loads ask for the electrical current in a pulse unlike traditional electrical equipment. This pulse use of electrical current creates damaging noise, interference and heat.

Most electrical devices produce electrical noise due to modern electronic power supplies. This noise results in granularity (snow) on viewing screens, hissing and static in audio speakers and headphones, and buzzing of lamps and appliances such as your refrigerator. Noise creates stress on your devices that will lead to diminished electronic life span and damage to your equipment.

We have all heard the saying “they don’t make them like they use to”. Well the quality of the power being supply to our equipment has changed over the last 10-15 years.

The solution is to install the Powerworx e3 which will produce a reduction of electrical noise in your electrical system and will lead to extended electronic and appliance life spans and you’ll likely notice improved clarity from your television and audio systems. Also, the buzzing of lamps and appliances and overall operating temperatures of electronics will be reduced
3 Top Secrets about Electricity

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