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Power conditioners are becoming more and more common today throughout commercial facilities and is now available for residential homes.  The Power conditioner also known as line conditioning or power line conditioning is a device to improve the quality of power that enters a facility or home and is delivered to electrical load equipment. Power conditioning has the capability to provide one or more ways to deliver voltage in an appropriate level and characteristics enabling the load equipment to function correctly.

In many usage scenarios, power conditioning refers to different types of function to improve power quality including power factor correction, noise suppression, transient impulse protection. Power conditioners are specifically designed to smooth out the A.C wave form while maintaining a constant voltage over varying loads.

Thus, while having a wave form that becomes distorted generally meaning there is sufficient deviation from normal power supplies causing equipment mis-operation or premature failure. The sensitivity to such deviations vary from one piece of equipment to another and what maybe considered poor power quality of one device maybe perfectly acceptable to another.

Power conditioning to a typical AC line provides “clean” power to sensitive electrical equipment used within the home or office and commonly provides surge protection as well as harmonic noise filtration. Voltage spikes are most common during storms or other malfunctions in the mains power lines. Electrical noise is common from non-linear loads that draw the electrical current in a pulse creating excessive heat dissipating on the wiring of equipment causemalfunction and premature failure.

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