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Top 3 Secrets about Electricity in your home and what to do about it

Top 3 Secrets about Electricity in your home and what to do about it.

When it comes to electrical use, today’s home is much different than it was even a decade ago. With the top 3 secrets about electricity you will identify what many other Australians have done already. With rising energy costs in the news weekly with no end in sight and the use of electronics continuing to increase our electrical systems need to be more efficient at the same time, provide better quality power. Surges, spikes and electrical noise provide a very real threat to the appliances and electronic devices in our homes. Your expensive electronics and machinery are under constant assault by power surges and spikes, waste of electricity brought on by unused capacity and electrical noise. It is costing you a significant amount of money in not only your power bill but also in the life span of your electrical appliances.

3 Top Secrets about Electricity

Equipment Protection: Everyday electrical surges and spikes run rampant throughout your electrical system. We all know that occasionally a lightning strike could put your entire electronic equipment at risk. Many people turn off or unplug electronics during electrical storms. However aside from the occasional catastrophic power spike there are constant smaller assaults that most people never notice. These smaller surges may manifest in pulsating glow of lights and screens. The damage done by them is slower than a lightning strike but over time, amounts to decreased life span and performance.

Now you can protect your appliances and electronics against spikes and surges with PowerwoRx e3 featuring a Dual-Mode Surge Suppression. PowerwoRx e3 is like having an electronic bodyguard for your home. PowerwoRx e3 technology provides the benefit that will help protect and extend the useful life of your electrical equipment. A combination of harmonic resistant capacitors and metal oxide varistors (MOV’s) give the home owner the maximum protection and peace of mind available on the market today.

PowerwoRx e3 regulates the flow of electricity to protect against common surges in your system to protect your electronic equipment. When a catastrophic spike occurs, PowerwoRx e3 will absorb the entire spike. Even if the PowerwoRx e3 is destroyed by a spike, your system will remain protected. If the powerwoRx e3 fails to protect you are covered with a 10 year $25,000 insurance policy covering the homes electronics and appliances that are connected to the electrical system when protected by the PowerwoRx e3.


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