The NEW FORCE in Power Savings

Energy Monitoring

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Strategic management and optimisation of energy consumption needs to be addressed and acted on now—and it should be highly transparent. In this era, companies and organisations are leveraging new technologies, innovation, best practises and benchmarks to drive success and transform their business. To be successful, they need to understand and optimise their energy and the implications across their business from facility to their supply chain.

AllSolus Energy Monitoring offers products and services to enable your business to manage their energy consumption through real-time data capture. Logging into the AllSolus Access allows the end user to see consumption and identify benchmarks to develop reports. Identifying patterns in usage allows the operations to gain deeper understandings to what is happening with the electrical system. This provides best practises for when the time comes to leverage new technology. High transparency of the results provide share holder confidence and operations the benchmark to drive success.

Energy Efficiency is Australia’s untapped energy resource and the only way to effectively implement a sustainable strategy within a company to “set it up for success”. It is the new business imperative for companies and their stakeholders, presenting a wealth of opportunity for best practises and driving innovation to mitigate risk and create shareholder value.

The first driver for organisations to act on is to increase business and operational efficiencies — in other words, save money. Before organisations can start benefiting from energy management initiatives, they need to be able to understand and action effective policies and programs from business planning and budgeting to optimal CAPex allocation for energy reduction projects.

In a nutshell, they need a true decision support mechanism to identify , prioritise and manage energy use and efficiency initiatives.