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Optimised Solar PV Potential

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Powerworx-Logo-small is an excellent addition to any Solar PV/Battery bank installation regardless of the configuration including the use of Reverse Metering (where electricity is fed onto the grid by the user).

Benefits of clean energy and solar:

  • Solar Power Center protection is accomplished by a device called an MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor). When the voltage rises the PowerwoRx prevents the spike from potentially damaging the expensive electronics including the Inverter.
  • Harmonics are more prevalent in a solar generated power system due to the nature of how the AC waveform is created by the Inverter.  These Harmonics waste electricity, and are damaging to appliances and electronics. PowerwoRx significantly reduces Harmonics and Noise in the system.
  • Traditional Inverter Energy Systems do not have the capability to provide reactive power required to reduce your kVA demand and therefore will have a negative affect on the Power Factor at your electricity meter. PowerwoRx can OPTIMISE your savings potential by providing reactive power control allowing increased reduction in kVA demand charges.

I’ve Seen Enough, Lets Talk!

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy are said to be the twin pillars of Sustainable Energy and with the rising uptake of rooftop Solar Power now is the time to compliment your Solar System with the assistance of a PowerwoRx installed.

Businesses across Australia can now benefit from the technology that the big end of business has known for years. If you consider a Solar PV System then first consider PowerwoRx CPS. This will improve your Power factor and further reduce your kVA Demand charges. PowerwoRx will improve your system compliance to meet the new connection standards Network Operators are NOW requiring.

PowerwoRx CPS can Optimise & Protect your Solar PV system for a Faster Return On Investment

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